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Company overview

Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd (China EMCC) is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in high-tech fertilizer machinery. For many years, we have devoted to producing inorganic and organic fertilizers granulator equipments. By consistently creating values for our customers around the world, we have become one of the leading suppliers in global agricultural fertilizers industry. With China EMCC, you may get comprehensive services of consulting, design, equipment, installation, training, emergency assistance, field assistance, spare parts and routine maintenance to save fertilizer plants cost

Drum granulation production line

The rotary drum granulation production line is characterized by its large single unit production capacity and closed design...

Disc granulation production line

The disc granulation production line is characterized by its simpler operation, less material return, and higher granulation ratio...

Pressure granulation production line

The extrusion granulation production line is suitable for some specific raw materials. Because it only needs to add a small amount ...

BB fertilizer production line

BB fertilizer is a compound fertilizer produced by mixing two or more straight fertilizers through mechanical processing...

Supporting crushing, mixing and conveying equipment of fertilizer granulator - China EMCC

EMCC provides customers with a full range of support, including crushing, mixing and conveying equipment...

fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturer-China EMCC

As a fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturer established for 20 years, EMCC has...

Organic Fertilizer Granulator Equipments- China EMCC
Organic Fertilizer Granulator Equipments- China EMCC

We not only provide reliable products, but more importantly we provide reliable process design and experimentation

EMCC Latest News / R&D / Innovation Centre

Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd. China EMCC is developing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing granulation and drying systems and related equipment for customers worldwide. Our customers include not only chemical fertilizer plants, NPK fertilizer manufacturers, organic fertilizer manufacturers, but also mining, forestry, industrial milling, soil remediation and all other industries that require granulation and drying. We are always ready to provide the design and solution you want to get.

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