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Spray Tower

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Spray Tower

A spray tower is a common type of gas treatment equipment used to remove pollutants from exhaust gases. It usually consists of a tall tower with a liquid spray unit at the bottom and a gas outlet at the top. The exhaust gas enters the tower and is sprayed with a liquid absorbent through a spraying device, so that the pollutants come into contact with the liquid and adsorb. Subsequently, the clean gas is discharged from the top, while the dirt remains in the liquid. The spray tower is suitable for treating all kinds of exhaust gases, such as soot, acid mist, organic matter, etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency, and is widely used in gas treatment in industrial production process.


Gas gets into the scrubber tangentially through the bottom air intake, under the action of the fan, quickly filled the air intake segment space, and then flow evenly through uniform flow section up to the first stage feeding absorption section. On the surface of the filler, the pollutants in gas phase react with the liquid phase substance. The reaction resultant (mostly soluble salts) flowing into the lower portion of the reservoir with the absorption liquid. The gas not completely absorbed continues rises into the spray section. The absorption liquid sprays in high-speed through the uniformly distributed nozzle in the ejection segments, generating numerous small droplets continue react with the gas. This treatment can cool the exhaust gas to remove particles and other impurities. The tower uppermost segment is for defogging, and the absorbing liquid droplets carried by gas are cleared here. The treated clean air is blown into the atmosphere through the upper end of the scrubber.


Simple structure: The structure of spray tower is relatively simple, usually composed of tower body, feed pipe, nozzle, packing layer, etc., which is easy to operate and maintain.

High performance: The spray tower effectively contacts and mixes gases with liquids, resulting in effective separation of gases and liquids. The nozzle sprays the liquid into the column body as fine particles, which increases the surface area of gas-liquid contact and improves the separation efficiency.

High Capacity: The spray tower is suitable for handling large volumes of gases and liquids, and is able to meet the needs of high flow rates and high concentrations.

Wide application: The spray tower is widely used in chemical, environmental protection, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries, and is used in gas absorption, dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification and other processes.

Adaptable: The spray tower is suitable for handling gases and liquids of different properties, and different fillers and nozzles can be selected according to specific needs to suit different process requirements.

Low energy consumption: The spray towers have relatively low energy consumption, as they generally operate at lower pressures and do not require an additional energy supply.

Suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions: The spray tower can adapt to high temperature and high pressure working conditions, and has strong pressure resistance and high temperature resistance.




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