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1 Daily maintenance safety precautions
1.1 In daily maintenance, you must wear complete labor protection, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts with your hands.
1.2 During the daily inspection process, it is necessary to touch the vibration part of the inspection, measure the temperature with a thermometer, and keep away from the rotating part to prevent burns or mechanical damage.
1.3 If any abnormal situation is found in the routine maintenance process, it must be shut down to deal with it, and must not be dealt with when it is turned on to prevent mechanical injury or electric leakage injury.
2 Maintenance safety precautions
2.1 All maintenance personnel wear complete labor insurance, check the equipment, tools and work site used before maintenance to confirm safe and reliable rear operation.
2.2 After the shutdown and maintenance procedures are completed, the maintenance work can be started.
2.3 During the maintenance, the person in charge of the site shall notify the post personnel, and the post personnel shall notify the relevant personnel, and at the same time handle the maintenance confirmation, listing operation, and strictly abide by who is listed and who is delisted.
2.4 The maintenance personnel must connect water, electricity, gas and other energy and power media according to the location designated by the person in charge of the site.
2.5 In case of electrical wires and pipelines during maintenance, it should be regarded as having electricity, gas or energy and power medium, and the source must be identified, and the operation can only be carried out according to relevant regulations after confirming that it is completely shut down.
2.6 During the maintenance process, attention must be paid to the head and feet to ensure that the maintenance operation is carried out under safe conditions.
2.7 If manual hoists, cranes or other lifting equipment are used during maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the lifting equipment is in good condition first.
It can be used only when it is confirmed to be in good condition.
2.8 It is strictly forbidden to stand under the lifting equipment. There must be a special person in charge of the lifting operation. Special personnel must check the spreader before lifting.
It is necessary to estimate the weight of the hanging object, and it is strictly forbidden to lift it with overload.
2.9 If there is high-altitude operation during maintenance, the seat belt must be worn, and the principle of high hanging and low use must be strictly implemented. The seat belt position must be
Solid and reliable.
2.10 During the maintenance, the maintenance waste, spare parts and tools should be placed smoothly to prevent falling objects from hurting people.
2.11 If temporary lighting needs to be installed during the maintenance process, it must be installed by professional electricians.
Temporary light fixtures are intact.
2.12 During the maintenance process, the use of electric welding machine and cutting welding shall strictly implement the corresponding operating rules.
2.13 After the overhaul, clean up all tools and overhaul the site.


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