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When producing organic fertilizers, we will come into contact with a variety of organic fertilizer raw materials. The properties of each material are different, and the mixers that need to be used are also different. In terms of the types of organic fertilizer mixers, they can be divided into horizontal mixers and vertical mixers in terms of appearance; in principle, they can be divided into single-shaft mixers and double-shaft mixers, but no matter how their styles change, their functions are the same. It relies on the main shaft to drive the blades to stir the material.
For a fertilizer production line, its raw materials can be organic fertilizers or inorganic fertilizers, and the output can also cover the range from 5,000 tons to 200,000 tons per year. Therefore, the selection of mixing equipment should also be based on actual application needs. determined. If it is an organic fertilizer material, the mixing equipment can use a horizontal mixer, which mixes evenly and has a good effect; if it is a chemical fertilizer, a single-shaft mixer can be used; if a double-shaft mixer is used, all kinds of materials can be mixed.
So what is the difference between a single shaft mixer and a double shaft mixer? Listening to the names of these two devices, the first thing that comes to mind is that the cost of dual-axis is higher than that of single-axis, so what is the difference? In fact, the biggest difference between the two is that the single-shaft mixer has a discharging process after mixing, while the dual-shaft mixer is feeding and discharging at the same time, and the mixing can maintain continuity, so it is very suitable for large-volume production lines.
The above is an introduction to the content of organic fertilizer mixers. If you want to know more about organic fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer production lines, please click on fertilizer equipment to view other articles on this site.


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