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The fertilizer packaging machine is an automatic high-tech product designed for the packaging of granular loose materials such as BB fertilizer, compound fertilizer, chemical raw materials, rice, feed, chemical fertilizer, etc. It consists of scale, feeder, weighing hopper, unloading hopper and air bag. It consists of fixtures, sensors, weighing control instruments and electronic control systems. All automated control processes except manual bagging can be realized.

So, what are the advantages of the packaging machine?
1. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions
The automatic weighing and packaging machine can free workers from stress and heavy repetitive work, avoid and reduce the effects of highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, dust and other conditions on workers’ bodies, and greatly improve working conditions.
2. It can greatly improve production efficiency and speed up the continuous updating of products
The production capacity of automatic weighing and packaging machines is generally ten times or even dozens of times that of manual packaging, which undoubtedly plays a decisive role in the renewal of product packaging patterns. And these are incomparable to manual work.
3. Conducive to the hygiene of packaging products, improve product quality, and increase market sales competitiveness
For products with strict hygiene requirements, using a fully automatic weighing and packaging machine can avoid direct contact between people and products and reduce product contamination. At the same time, due to the fast packaging speed of the machine, the product stays at the red end of the air, thereby reducing the chance of product contamination and improving the sanitary conditions of the product.
4. It can reduce the area of ​​packaging site and save infrastructure investment
If the products are packaged manually, many workers need to be packaged, the process is not compact, the operation area is large, and the infrastructure investment is large. If a fully automatic weighing and packaging machine is used, the supply of products and packaging materials will be more concentrated, and each packaging process will be compactly arranged, thereby reducing the footprint of packaging and saving infrastructure investment.
To sum up, all manufacturers, if you also encounter the above difficult problems, the automatic weighing and packaging machine produced by EMCC will be your good choice.


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