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There is a farm with 300 cattle. The fecal output of 300 cattle is nearly 10 tons a day, about 3650 tons a year. The emission of farm manure has always been a difficult problem of environmental pollution.

It costs millions to buy pollution treatment equipment, which is not cost-effective for farmers. Cow dung cannot be directly applied to the ground without fermentation and decomposition. Direct application will cause serious problems such as burning seedlings and dead trees. With the promotion and popularization of the policy of replacing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer. The processing of cow dung into organic fertilizer not only solves the problem of livestock manure emission pollution, but also can be sold on the market and earn more economic income.

So, how does cow dung ferment and decompose into pollution-free organic fertilizer?
First of all, the dehydration equipment should reduce the water content in cow dung to keep the water content in cow dung at 60%, or add wheat bran, corn straw, rice straw, rice husk powder and other auxiliary materials to cow dung to reduce the water content of cow dung, and improve the organic matter content after fermentation composting.
Next, to carry out fermentation, we need to constantly turn the pile in the fermentation process. We can use the organic fertilizer fermentation turning and throwing machine for fermentation, which can save a lot of labor and time.
After fermentation, if there is caking, it can be crushed by crushing equipment, which can reduce the hardness of cow dung, make the powder of cow dung organic fertilizer more delicate, and facilitate subsequent granulation.
The crushed cow dung organic fertilizer is mixed with other nutrient elements and auxiliary materials, and then stirred with a horizontal mixer; The mixed fertilizer is screened by a screening machine to screen out the large pieces that are not crushed, and then crushed again by a pulverizer.
If the crushed fertilizer needs granulation, disc granulator, counter roll granulator or stock transfer granulator can be selected for granulation, and then drying, cooling, coating, weighing and sealing of packaging scale and other processing processes can be carried out.
So far, the whole process of turning cow dung into treasure has been completed.

Different cow dung organic fertilizer production lines have different equipment configurations, investment prices and profits. If you want to know the specific equipment price of cow dung organic fertilizer production line, you are welcome to send e-mail for consultation at any time. EMCC provides customers with superior services.


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