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Our company’s main products are 1-20 tons of organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer complete equipment, drying and fermentation equipment for high-humidity materials such as chicken manure. It has created a precedent for the harmless treatment of organic wastes for organic and inorganic biological fertilizer plants, garbage and sewage treatment plants.

Today I will introduce several organic fertilizer crushers to you:
1.High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher is mainly for materials with high moisture content and has a wide range of applications;
2.Double Shaft Chain Fertilizer Crusher:mainly for the crushing of bulk materials, and can play a certain mixing role in the production line;
3.Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher: mainly used for the pulverization of materials with relatively small moisture content and the pulverization of material agglomeration;

The following will introduce the use, performance characteristics and structure of several crushers. Which crusher to use depends on the specific situation of the customer! You are welcome to inquire.

High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher :It is a new type of high-efficiency single-rotor reversible crusher. The high-speed rotating blade can pulverize fibers, with good pulverization particle size, high efficiency and high energy, and strong adaptability to the moisture content of materials, especially for fermented decomposed garbage or other materials with a moisture content of less than or equal to 50%.



Double Shaft Chain Fertilizer Crusher:The machine adopts high-strength wear-resistant carbide chain plates, and the speed is synchronized during the crushing process, and the crushed materials are uniform and sufficient.The machine is a professional crushing equipment for the crushing of large-volume raw materials,and is widely used in chemical, building materials, mining and other industries.



Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher:It can crush phosphate fertilizer with 14% water content and 6% free acid and various phosphate fertilizer products. It overcomes the disadvantage that the vertical chain crusher sticks to the inner wall of the casing during the production process of the phosphorus compound fertilizer production plant. In this way, the crushing process in the production of the phosphorus compound fertilizer can realize continuous production and improve the production efficiency.



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