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Direct to Central Asia! EMCC products, transport in one step

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Recently, an Uzbekistan customer has been purchasing from EMCC production line equipment for two years, which is mainly for dust collect and agitate, will be shipped on January 19, 2024.1.19.

As continuously discussed regarding product design between the customer and EMCC’s senior technical staff, the goal of optimizing the product’s appearance, and performance obtained consistent customer satisfaction.

Product production

Adjust the coaxiality, improve the axis bending. Effective working life is longer, operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

Considering the geographic location, EMCC combines data analysis and artificial intelligence in product transportation to optimize cargo delivery routes and cut down on transit time.

Transport route

The products were shipped 5,341 kilometers by train from the EMCC’s facility in Xuzhou city to Uzbekistan. They were reloaded from Horgos after going through six major stations, and eventually made it to Uzbekistan without incident.

Factory loading site

Different equipment adopts different packaging, which avoids scratching and is eco-friendly, and maintains the service life of the equipment.

Reloading site

This initiative has resulted in cost savings for customers while also reducing the environmental impact and has been widely recognized by the industry and customers.

Relying on the first scientific research technology and excellent equipment quality, EMCC has won the trust of customers. In the future, EMCC will also uphold quality first, customer first, and produce more high-quality machines to meet customers’ higher requirements.


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