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Our company has long been committed to providing high-quality and comprehensive support services to ensure the stable operation of customer equipment.

Our company has a group of senior debugging personnel with rich experience, who can solve all kinds of failures of various equipment very well. Strong user support is one of our major advantages. The long-term development of the company is inseparable from the support of customers. In order to further safeguard the interests of customers, improve customer satisfaction, and give back to new and old customers, we make the following commitments to new and old customers, and welcome new and old customers to supervise us and give valuable opinions.

Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment
1. Our company is responsible for the quality of the purchased parts and equipment, carries out strict quality inspections on the purchased parts and equipment, and provides the buyer with its product quality certificate and related technical documents and materials such as installation and use at the time of delivery.
2. Our company guarantees that the equipment provided is brand new and unused, has passed strict factory performance tests and quality inspections, and is technologically advanced, mature and reliable modern products. Ensure that the equipment provided meets the quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the bidding documents in all aspects. Ensure that the provided equipment is correctly installed and operates reliably under normal operation and maintenance conditions.
3. During the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, our company is responsible for repairing or replacing defective equipment free of charge for any damage, defect or failure of the supplied equipment due to defects in the design, manufacturing, materials, and outsourcing supporting parts. , In order to meet the requirements stipulated by the technical conditions. Outside the quality guarantee period, our company is obliged to implement paid lifetime maintenance for the equipment provided.


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