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The emergence of the automatic packaging machine is to replace the labor of bagging, which can help enterprises reduce labor and realize automatic packaging. It occupies a small area and has strong practicality. It can realize functions such as automatic bagging, automatic weighing, automatic filling, automatic sealing and automatic package delivery. Unmanned operation of transportation and automatic palletizing.

How does the automatic packaging machine perform dust-free automatic packaging?
First, put the packaging bag into the bag collection box. After the automatic bagging packaging system is activated, the vacuum suction cup above the bag mouth of the packaging bag will drop rapidly under the action of the air cylinder, suck the upper side of the upper bag mouth and lift it up. At this time, the vacuum suction cup Driven by the horizontal cylinder, it moves with the sucked packaging bag to the direction of the bag holder. Each pair of vacuum suction cups placed on the lower side of the moving part of the packaging bag rises under the action of the bottom cylinder and sucks the lower side of the packaging bag mouth and pulls down. After the action is completed, the bag mouth of the packaging bag is completely Open, at the same time, the upper bag arm of the bagging machine is inserted into the bag mouth and pulled tight, the upper bag arm is actuated by the air cylinder, and the back-entered arm sends the packaging bag into the bag holder, and the bag holder clamps the packaging bag , to complete the entire process of automatic bagging.
The automatic packaging machine is an upgraded version of the semi-automatic packaging machine. In addition to the great improvement in automation, it also has great progress in packaging accuracy, which satisfies the standardization of modern packaging.

With the continuous growth of the use of automatic packaging machines, it has been deeply trusted by enterprises. I believe that in the future development process, it will have better performance to present to consumers.


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