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The double shaft chain crusher is a professional crushing equipment for the crushing of large-volume raw materials. It is widely used in chemical, building materials, mining and other industries. High-strength wear-resistant carbide chain plates with synchronous speed are used in the crushing process, and the crushed materials are uniform and sufficient. At the same time, the material is not easy to stick, and the equipment is easy to clean.

1. The design is reasonable, the working principle of the hammer mill is scientifically used, and the linear speed of the crusher is improved.
2. The design changes the movement line of the material in the crushing chamber, makes full use of the space of the crushing chamber to expand the crushing area, and protects the screen to the greatest extent, so that the service life of the screen is more than doubled. When the crusher feeds from the left, the two rotors rotate clockwise, and the material moves from left to right under the impact of the hammer, and enters the pulverizing area of ​​the left tooth plate. When the material runs to the center area, it forms a top-down movement direction, and the right rotor hits the material from bottom to top, forming a powerful pulverizing function of double linear speed.The material instantly changes the direction of movement and enters the crushing area of ​​the right tooth plate from bottom to top. When the material touches the screen, all granular materials have been crushed into broken materials.
3. The noise of the crusher:: After testing, the no-load noise is 102 decibels, and the load noise is 95 decibels. The noise is basically the same as that of the 66X60 single rotor crusher.
4. The machine runs smoothly, and the stability is better than that of the single-rotor crusher during operation. Put a 5-angle copper coin vertically on the bearing support plate of the crusher and stand very stable.


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